Beauty of Perspective Event

How I Did It

Sohn Doughn Repo-Mix
by Angles11
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Wed, Jan 7, 2009 @ 1:02 AM

Tools I Used

Reaper [], Audacity, yellow tools Independence Free 2.0 for Guitar, AMB BassRack for Bass.

Samples I Used

Whack rhythm is mostly a chopped and mangled "80bpm_Eleven Steps to Heaven_h" by EshanKhadaroo of OLPC Library.
An unknown jungle loop in background provides the slight go-go touch, I will re-source ASAP, but the above whack beat is primary.


Chopped up vocal mp3 from shannonsongs and tested lower third major and minor harmonies.

Other Notes

Dude this vocal party is heavy on the subtle triplets. Man the timing is elusive, Shannon is major talented for writing this.