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How I Did It

I Got Carried Away
by Doghouse Riley
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Sun, Aug 3, 2008 @ 12:56 PM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

A gallon a ice cold unsweetened tea ta create and a pitcher a martini's ta mix.

Samples I Used

I found these here in the glove box a my car while I was lookin for my phone charger. Nope, didn't find it. You seen it anywheres?

Original Samples

Don't look now, Humphrey but I'm fixin to actually hip ya ta somethin. I just got this little VST doodad called "Atomic" and it is the derndest little thang. I'll swan, I thank I could just sit and play with it fer hours on end. In fact, I may have already. It's really the basis for this here magnum opus. Check it out and you'll see. Plus, it's dirt cheap. Honest.


With a thick mixture a cornstarch and guar gum.

Other Notes

Wail this here took me back to when I was single and livin in Nashburg. At about 1:30 am. About every other night.