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How I Did It

Let Out of the Cage
by essesq
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Tue, Jul 22, 2008 @ 7:27 PM

Tools I Used

PC, headphones, ears and heart

Samples I Used

See list

Original Samples

Avoided writing music yet again :-)

Not even a swirly synth - they all failed the audition :-(.


I wanted to create an environment for the reading, as though it was being read at the seaside and among the birds. I messed with a lot of moving the sound around during the course of the track but it was all too confusing so most of it stayed close to put. Worth noting because I really thought I would want the track to have more panning and level changes. Here less was ultimately more.

Also I gently time-stretched the pell in Cubase to wring even more emotion out of the reading, and I was pleased with the result.

Other Notes

I flat out love Anchors writing. I often get an idea in my head of how a poem should sound and in this case LS totally nailed the reading so I just had to do something to get it out onto a few more people's radar (or computer) screens.