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How I Did It

Forgiveness (Deep Wound)
by gurdonark
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Wed, Jun 11, 2008 @ 8:46 PM

Samples are used in:

Video: ATRÁS by Rod Medina

Tools I Used

Sawcutter 2.0 softsynth
magix audio studio 10 softstudio

Samples I Used

Starry Tides "harmonics" from Seaport Town
"Trumpet" from "Cold Valves" and
"Lap Steel" from Seaport Town.


The "harmonics" file is the principal voice of the piece. The higher frequency harmonizing lines are two different samples of the lap steel.
The instrumental break is the trumpet. All the Starry Tides samples were sampled and sequenced in the sawcutter softsynth, for which I wrote the melodies and sequenced them out.

The industrial freesound sample is chopped up and faded in and out within the piece to give it a bit of industrial feel and heft.

Other Notes

Lately I have been reading about how things are not always easy. Forgiving anyone is very hard--and it's more like a triumphant industrial song with lots of low-drone electronica than like any sweet melody I have ever heard.