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How I Did It

NH Mandolin
by Admiral Bob
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Wed, May 21, 2008 @ 4:23 AM

Tools I Used

I recorded my Mandolin with an SM-58 on the neck joint, into a Fostex MR-8.

Samples I Used

It is a live original recording, no samples.

Original Samples

This is part of a series of instrument parts in the key of D labeled 'NH', that I doodled out for the purpose of posting here.


I never have. I never mixed my own copy of NH, other than to hear it on the board in headphones.

Other Notes

I noticed there are not many Mandolin samples on ccmixter, and none of any good quality. It is a unique sounding instrument someone might need, so here's a good minute long sample of that instrument, captured as clearly as I can manage.