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How I Did It

by spinmeister
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Mon, May 5, 2008 @ 8:21 PM

Tools I Used

Cubase 4, Melodyne Plugin, Groove Agent 3, Hypersonic 2


The piano track by TheJoe was played freeform without a click track, so I used the "time warp" function in Cubase 4 to create a variable tempo track. That tempo track showed the tempo to mostly vary between about 69bpm and 79 bpm.

The original vocal track by Kaer Trouz (did I mention how gorgeous she sings?) was at about 60 bpm.

So I compromised to make the remix at 66 bpm, by making TJ's piano track into a slower fixed tempo track and changing the length of KT's singing to match the new tempo (10% faster).

Then I split the vocal track into a few separate sections and distributed them along the piano track such as to make the vocal melody to fit the chords of the piano, although the vocal track was composed to an entirely different key and chord progression (Loveshadow's guitar track).

This is where the musical miracle occurred. By just moving things around a bit, it could be made to work, with a couple of minor exceptions where the rubbing was a bit too much even for Jazz ;-)

So I did take the liberty to fire up the Melodyne plugin and change a few notes of KT's vocal track by a semitone and maybe one or two by a full tone.

I just hope that KT will forgive me for that, although if she doesn't, it would be strangely befitting the theme of the song ;-)

Finally I added the rest of the tracks for the small jazz combo, all the while wishing I was actually a competent Jazz player, which I'm clearly not. :-(