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How I Did It

My waltz with Ophelia
by mullion
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Sun, Apr 6, 2008 @ 1:45 PM

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Tools I Used

Cubase 4,Reason Pianos, Reason Orchestra, Trilogy, EZDrummer, Fender Strat. All keys played on Yamaha S90, and ahuu's sang in Rode mic. All mixing done inside Cubase 4. Reverb etc from Cubase 4 and Reason 4.

Samples I Used

musettas's Ophelias's Song


Sat down saturday morning with my usual pot of coffee, news on the radio and everything worked like a breeze. Even mixing it mdidn't take long, probably because it's not very complex.

Thought I would throw in some more guitar etc, but was affraid I would go into the state of dwelling. Then I would probably still be on bar 2.

Other Notes

I enjoyed it.