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So Oh Fish Al (UBQ SweetSour ...
by Da UBQ
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Thu, Mar 6, 2008 @ 7:12 AM

Uses samples from:

Samples are used in:


Tools I Used

Mac running Ableton Live 6 and Logic Studio 8,
EXS24, Reaktor, DFH Superior, Guitar Rig, CA5000

Samples I Used

KCentric's So Official a cappella

Original Samples

Drums-DFH Superior
Keys-Elektrik Piano


In logic started with an existing dbl bass melody I've had in my head for a bit and put together a rough beat in DFH. Loaded up ableton and warped the pella to sit snug in the groove. Pulled up CA5000 for the chorus synth, found a nice mellow patch and tweaked it nasty, ie opened the filter, boasted the res and piled on the distortion. Loaded a home-made reaktor bass synth and patched up a deep bass pad. Used CamelSpace on it to give the arp/stepped feel and some stereo pan. Used impulse in ableton to make the two percussion grooves, with the beat-repeat on one of them (the vocal style sounds.) Then I loaded a rhodes sound and played in the electric piano line. Then made a smooth pad sound in sculpture. Tidied up the structure and fine tuned the drum track. Next, I created busses for the fx. To create space around the vocals I loaded up guitar rig and used the studio reverb and a distortion to make it sound distressed, thats where the distortion on the sculpture pad comes from as well. On my second fx I put a ring modulator set quite mildly so as not to add any more distortion or hi frequency energy, quite enough of that going on anyway! Added verb and ring mod to vox with automation, you can hear what it doing on the vocals during the intro (obviously exaggerated)
Mixed the drums down with a fair amount of room sound and quite a bit of tape saturation, same with the bass and rhodes. Sorted out the vocal delay spot with a tape delay and another ring modulator, generally finessed the track, bounced and mastered in izotope.

Other Notes

Kinda scary but really enjoyed it, let my left and right brain take their respective jobs and got on with it. Definitely felt a K&D vibe on this one, so went with it. Started off thinking it was going to be old school until I got that lead synth line stuck in my head and had to put it down and it fell into place!