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How I Did It

Otra Vez (sight mix)
by gmz
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Thu, Feb 28, 2008 @ 7:21 PM

Tools I Used

Ableton Live Lite, Logic Express, PSP Vintage Warmer, NI b4II, some internal plugins by both Ableton and Logic

Samples I Used

Totally released on ccMixter.

Original Samples

A tremendous preset for Vintage Warmer (is a beautiful compressor with a real vintage touch, if you play with it)


I've started putting the bass from Got to Rock in place with another midi beat, but I needed some more.

Looking in the samplebin I've found I had mostly djvadim's and buckyjohnson's samples (I'm running out of disk space, and I'm keeping just the samples I'm working on). I found that the string loops from like the wind matched with the bass, so I started looking for a clean beat to sample.. and the next folder I found that beat.

I started putting things together in Ableton, but I still missed something... so I looked into bucky johnson's folders and found that awesome clav loop.. exactly the piece I was missing.

Because I'm actually using Ableton Live Lite (with a 4 tracks limit) I had to made some pre-master files, and have all the instruments rendered in their respective files. After that I've putted all tracks into logic, and started to mix out the whole thing, the longest part.

Other Notes

I'm not so happy because I was making this track in a really bad moment, but I'm quite happy with the result, because I've applied here for the first time my best mastering attitude, and I feel it's worth it. Thank you ccMixter!