How I Did It

by gurdonark
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Mon, Jan 7, 2008 @ 5:24 AM

Tools I Used

Sawcutter 2.0
magix audio studio 10

Samples I Used

Extensive samples from the podcast,, december 2007 holiday edition

Original Samples

I created a new melody for this one.


My melody was created in Sawcutter 2.0, in which I placed a sample from a nose flute sequenced into a melody. The December 2007 jodcast is 30 some odd minutes long, and I selected a few minutes of my favorite sections. Then I added freesound samples to spice it up.
If I were a sheep, I'd feel fortunate to hear a great "ask the astronomer" interview as I watched my fields by night.

Other Notes

The jodcast is great! A great example of a wonderful creative commons show.