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How I Did It

Snowstorm (Gurdonark's Firepl...
by duckett
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Thu, Dec 13, 2007 @ 12:27 PM

Tools I Used

Software: CWMC 2004, Wavelab Lite, Sony ACID Music Studio 5.0
Hardware: Roland XV-5050 rack module, midiman(now m-audio) usb keystation 61, Boss SP-303 Dr. Sample, Radio Shack boundary mic, PC running Windows XP with Audigy 2 soundcard

Samples I Used

Gurdonark's "Night Rain in April", "Great Blue Heron Drone Sample", collectively "nc-sampling 1.0"

Original Samples

The music, and fireplace SFX


Became inspired to make a track reflecting gratitude for Gurdonark's work, and to express the positive aspects of a snowstorm.
Downloaded Gurdonark samples, created musical tracks in CWMC using XV-5050 after selecting patches/FX, recorded as WAV; edited in WaveLab Lite for EQ/level. brought samples and recorded WAV into ACID as one-shots, adjusted pitch/levels for each track accordingly, created "fireplace" using boundary mic ( two looped samples, one pitch-dropped, of crinkled cellophane, one loop of softly blowing into mic with mild phaser/pitch lowering, live input from mic covered w/ sock for random " popping, logs shifting" FX); all recorded as WAV through soundcard, re-imported into WaveLab, again adjusted for stereo field/EQ/level, saved/added to ACID project for rendering as mp3 w/ previous tracks muted.

Other Notes

I hope others find this as soothing/relaxing as I've found many of Gurdonark's works to be...