Time of Terror Remix Event

How I Did It

Don Quixote
by Kirkoid
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Sat, Jun 16, 2007 @ 2:34 PM

Uses samples from:

Samples are used in:


Tools I Used

Cool Edit Pro, ReBirth 2.0

Samples I Used

Piano and guitar loop from Magix, Indian percussion samples from a sample disk that passed through my hands a long time ago.

Original Samples

2 synth lines and a drum line in ReBirth, bass tones and other noises generated in Cool Edit Pro.


1. Cut the vocals into chunks and stretched/shrank to 120bpm. Sequenced in Cool Edit Pro (CEP).
2. Studied original guitar and came up with a synth line in ReBirth (RB).
3. Added 1st synth line into CEP with vocals and distorted it.
3. Made bass line through tone generation in CEP.
4. Made 2nd, more resonant synth line in RB, added to CEP and added some phase sweeping, flanger and reverb.
5. Drums were done in RB then delayed in CEP.
6. Found guitar loop, halved the BPM and added into CEP.
7. Found piano loop, halved bpm, reversed and reverbed in CEP.
8. Fiddled around with various whoops, dings and dongs.
9. Made the echoey drum fill - took 1st 2 notes of drum loop, coppied into own file, mix pasted 8 secs of empty time over it, echoed it at 60bpm on L channel and 120 on R. Reversed it, added 8 secs of blank time on the end, echoed the last 2 notes, cut the extra time, re-reversed it, pasted the cut extra time on the beginning, reversed that and hey presto!

Other Notes

I really enjoyed working with the vocals. The song nearly made my friend cry.