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Fraulein Itch

uploaded: Fri, Mar 27, 2015 @ 7:40 PM
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I had originally composed this piece as an instrumental several weeks ago. I had planned on working out a vocal track myself, but after hearing the wonderful spoken word provided by Lax-o-mat I decided this was much more interesting and fun. Can I get a witness?

I used Google translate to get an idea of what the lyric is about. Although I’m sure it wasn’t a perfect translation, I gathered that it is a type of love song. A yearning , “can’t wait to see you” type of lyric. What was exciting about fitting the lyric to the music, was the challenge of arranging the vocal by repeating certain phrases based on the rhythm and the dynamics of the vocal, since I cannot speak German in a conscious state.

At first I thought it would not be possible to arrange the lyric in a different order, as it probably wouldn’t make sense to someone who spoke German. However, I understand that Anarchy is more than a social ideology, but also a natural law that can be applied to anything. And so, instead of trying to control the thing with a familiar method, I simply let the rhythm and the dynamics of the spoken word direct me.

Furthermore, I find this piece to have been liberating because it has taught me that a poem, or spoken word that has been composed in an unknown language can be enjoyed and manipulated in a similar fashion as we might enjoy and manipulate the sound of birds singing.

Today I completed a new composition that I am very pleased with, and I also learned something new. What else can ccMixter do?

"Fraulein Itch"
by wrenchbiscuit

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