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Whale Strings and Horns - Commentary

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byWhale Wizard
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Hear Oscar speak about “Whale Strings and Horns” — a gregarious call between fourteen humpback male whales in Banderas Bay, singing together, synchronized, to communicate details about their mating areas and reflect mating abilities to one another.

Oscar has named this whale song Strings and Horns because it is a group of whales singing in different pitches — that sound like an orchestra.

Due to the large depth and size of Banderas Bay, the echoes and resonance of this beautiful whale song captures the majestic dance of these 14 male humpbacks.

This magnificent whale song stem is from track one, Healing Chakras, on Oscar Frey’s album release Echoeania Volume 3, Mediations, that is slated for release in summer of 2021.

Whale Strings and Horns Whale Song HERE.

"Whale Strings and Horns - Commentary"
by Whale Wizard

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