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Shallow Waters (Alternative)

uploaded: Sat, Nov 28, 2015 @ 8:52 AM
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An alternative version for “Shallow Waters”, more “pop”…
Here’s a compilation of the remixes I recently uploaded on CCMixter, and if you download it you can get 3 other bonus tracks that don’t appear on the playlist :)


(free, CC Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike)

And maybe if you like this, you would like some other stuff I uploaded on bandcamp…

Thank you all for the comments, even if I don’t answer, I read them and it’s important to me!

Thanks to all the artists that upload their a capellas here and who virtually play with me, even if they don’t even know they do! :) Shannon Hurley, Moonchild, SackJo22, John Louis Kluck, Calendar Girl, Snowflake, Ciggi Burns, Kara Square, Kizzy Lotus, Queenie

"Shallow Waters (Alternative)"
by trustno1

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