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Waiting In The Garden

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FeaturingTRF, Madame Snowflake
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With TRF I picked two of the funkiest musicians on here, which made it very easy to find something nice to work with. I used the backtrack of ‘It Just Might Be’ that contain drums, bass, rhodes and saxophone and added two clean guitars, that I’ve tried to play with that motown-vibe. I also added chimes, an organ in the chorus and an electric piano.

Although Madame Snowflake’s vocal of ‘Waiting In The Garden’ is originally in 6/8 beat and 62 bpm I somehow managed to match them with TRF’s 90 bpm backtrack. I also used Melodyne to adjust a few notes.

Guitars recorded with Fender Stratocaster and Hughes & Kettner Tubeman Plus preamp.

"Waiting In The Garden"
by Aussens@iter

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