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Slow Notes

uploaded: Sun, Oct 30, 2016 @ 6:58 AM
FeaturingDeb Matthews-Zott; Siobhan Dakay; Ephemeral Rift
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Vocals: Deb Matthews-Zott. Strings: Siobhan Dakay. Flute: Ephemeral Rift. Acoustic guitars recorded with Walden steel-string. Tuning: D-A-D-G-A-D. Upright-bass: VST.

I felt so happy I picked Deb for this secret mixter because I haven’t remixed her for a couple of years. I chose to remix the pella of her song “Slow Notes” because the vocals sound kind of fragile to me which has a ton of charm. So I’ve tried to intensify this charm with the chords I played with my steel-string guitar. I also used the alternate DADGAD-tuning again, that has become so typical for my guitar play and the music I create.

First I’ve tried to keep the remix as simple as possible by using only guitar and vocals, but I felt like something was missing. Then I remembered string tracks that Siobhan Dakay created for a remix of Snowflake’s song “I Miss You”, that Martijn de Boer, Siobhan and I once created. Both, vocals and strings fit to the key of D, so I didn’t have to edit the strings too much, but threw a lot of reverb on them… :)

Normally I would have added some saxophone or trumpet to the intro, the mid-section and the outro. But I’ve already done that very often, so it was time to try something new. The flute by Ephemeral Rift was recorded in key of F#, but the track seemed to have a harmonical overlap with the key of D. It may be strange to combine a traditional american flute with a jazz-style-song, but it adds another portion of beauty to the remix.

The result may sound basic and simple, but it took lightyears to cut, edit, merge and mix all the different tracks to one piece. I’ve had a lot of fun doing this though and hope you guys like it.

Happy secret mixter! :)

"Slow Notes"
by Aussens@iter

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