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Different Percussion in 4/4 at 130 bpm

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Different Percussion in 4/4 at 130 bpm;

I just took a view minutes to create a preview out of the percussion recordings and the playback i used while recording, so not everything is in perfect sync. I had a little play with my HRTF Plugin, also. So i recommend to use Headphones.

All recordings are in stereo with two different microphones, which are SE2000 on the right and Superlux e304 on the left, run through an ART DPS II preamp.

The percussion recordings are in the zip file as FLAC format.

Percussion used:

- cheap shaker on cabassa, triangles, cow bell, woodblock
- cheap egg shaker
- framedrum
- udu drum
- djembe
- darabuka
- rototoms

ad astra

Contents of ZIP Archive: Percussion Recordings

  • /tigabeatz_percussion(in44_130bpm)_Darabuka.flac (6.63MB)
  • /tigabeatz_percussion(in44_130bpm)_Djembe.flac (4.94MB)
  • /tigabeatz_percussion(in44_130bpm)_Framedrum.flac (2.26MB)
  • /tigabeatz_percussion(in44_130bpm)_Rototom.flac (6.30MB)
  • /tigabeatz_percussion(in44_130bpm)_SmallPercussion.flac (7.88MB)
  • /tigabeatz_percussion(in44_130bpm)_Udu.flac (4.17MB)

"Different Percussion in 4/4 at 130 bpm"
by tigabeatz

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