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vocal and perc samples

uploaded: Fri, Jul 22, 2005 @ 4:54 AM
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a brief collection of samples - a few spoken word samples in japanese, some samples are read from a haiku written by Basho Matsuo - “Natsu kusaya, tsua mono domo ga, yume no ato” - he’s been dead for like 250 years, so i think they’re OK :). there are also a few hats and some percussive buzzes that i got out of my 909 emulator.

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /vocal and perc samples/des beaux airs - marimba.wav (6.15MB)
  • /vocal and perc samples/he went there.wav (77.30kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/in.wav (302.35kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/info.txt (450)
  • /vocal and perc samples/le buzz (2).wav (96.12kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/le buzz et le hihat (2).wav (74.26kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/le hi-hat (2).wav (61.69kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/les (18.08kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/les artropods.wav (1.54MB)
  • /vocal and perc samples/Mars.wav (80.38kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/mercury.wav (63.25kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/my cat.wav (130.86kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/Natsu kusaya.wav (91.30kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/out.wav (365.55kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/ (36.09kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/stickhit.wav (3.07MB)
  • /vocal and perc samples/tsuamonodomoga.wav (103.20kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/venus.wav (88.79kb)
  • /vocal and perc samples/yumenoato.wav (67.07kb)

"vocal and perc samples"
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