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O N E T H I N G (Dance in the Rain Mashup)

uploaded: Sun, Sep 13, 2020 @ 8:29 AM
Featuringkthuga, Snowflake
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It took me a long while to pick from kthuga’s dynamic discography!!

I experimented with a few until I ended up with his remix of Snowflake’s Dance In The Rain!

(I have read her post of this and it was such an organic, lovely culmination, albeit bittersweet. It’s amazing how people can turn the most painful experiences to something so beautiful!)

This is my first CCMixter remix - and I’m happy I took the leap!

Only managed to do this two days before - time flew by very quickly. Weeee!!

Thank you for the opportunity (and to kthuga, Snowflake for openly sharing their music) xx


Initially started as another love song - but I just made a decision to change gears and sing about a feeling most of us here have felt before.

Being told to be to JUST BE ONE THING.

Stay in your lane.

Dance on those naysayers!! ;-)

That’s all we can do sometimes.

Also I thought of how a rainbow has hundreds of hues - and it never has to pick just one and it’s beautiful.

It just is!

We’re a MULTI-FACETED race, don’t let anyone (not even ourselves!) to limit you or where you need to go or who you CAN be.

We have this one life to live so be as bold, dynamic, colourful, experimental and loving as you can be. xx


I have more colours than your eyes can see
I’m so much more than you tell me I should be

Rain on my parade
But don’t you forget
Rainbows take over the sky
After the rain

Nobody ever asks a rainbow,
“Why can’t you just pick one thing to be?”

So don’t ask me
So don’t ask me

Why I gotta be just one thing?

Why do I have to be just one thing?
One thing

I like to dance in the rain
head back
arms out

I like to laugh in the rain xx

"O N E T H I N G (Dance in the Rain Mashup)"

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