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The Radiant Light Orchestra

uploaded: Sat, Nov 16, 2019 @ 12:51 AM last modified: Sun, Nov 17, 2019 @ 1:28 PM  (replace)
Featuringfluffy, debbizo, GeeArtriasRose, Apoxode
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The Fluffy Apoxode Parallel

Wondered about what interesting sound, rhythms and collisions might result from playing a ccMixter track in parallel with a remix of the same track while using a plugin like Gross Beat to manipulate one or both tracks as the play.

Fluffy’s “Or Die Trying: Overture” and Apoxode’s remix of the same well qualified as victims for this experiment.

Was planning to manipulate the heck out these tracks to create something rhythmic and pulsing. Instead the experiment result was an enjoyably subtle and loverly groove.

Aligning the tracks at 80 bpm in the DAW, Apoxode’s track was gated closed until the second half note of each bar were the volume linearly rises at 45 degrees from zero to 100% at the end of the bar. At bar 36 for 3.5 bars, Apoxode’s tracks in is gated closed on alternating quarter notes.

The result is not a masterpiece of remixing arts and sciences but the technique was successful enough encourage further experimentation.

Some kick drum hits and synth notes were added in places. Debizzo’s “radiant light” vocal was added in places for color as was GeeArtriaRose’s “radiant light” vocal.

Seached ccMixter for “radiant light” and GeeArtriaRose’s Tantra Song popped up. Coolio!

Love it when mixter’s well document and tag their contributions so we can more efficiently search using Search or an external search engine. IMO, the new sample search is generally less helpful than its predecessor. Even with the last version, the use of Search and external search engines were need to increase ccMixter audio prospecting results.

"The Radiant Light Orchestra"
by texasradiofish

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