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Mediodía azul

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FeaturingElRon XChile, spinmeister
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The Band

Lead Guitar - ElRon XChile
Pluck and Hold Synth - Spinmeister midi driving Sakura synth
Synth Pad Chords - Spinmeister midi driving Sytrus VSTi synth
Plucked Synth - Spinmeister midi driving Morphine, SampleTank and Plucked synths
Harmonica - Spinmeister
Bass - electronico midi driving Sakura synth
Drums & Percussion - Legal and Tender
Acoustic Guitar - Mo’ Legal than Tender
Sax - Bay Saint Louis Brass

Reamped a clean jazz blues Fender Stratocaster track using Amplitude 4 plugin emulating Jet City 100w amp, 1965 Fender Super Reverb 4x10 cabinet and 1963 Fender reverb.

When reamping ElRon’s lead guitar, usually use Fender or the Amplitude generic US and British blues amp models. For a change up, Mesa. Dialed up Jet City by accident and was quite pleased with the tone as it cut through mix.

"Mediodía azul"
by texasradiofish

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