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Dream of You

uploaded: Sat, Feb 17, 2018 @ 3:04 PM last modified: Sun, Mar 11, 2018 @ 7:28 PM  (replace)
FeaturingKCentric, Nickleus, ElRon XChile, Kara Square, Snake Davis
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It’s about your style!

Was humming and tapping a 6/4 rhythm with a back beat for daze. To act on the thought, pasted drum hits into FL Studio. Started with drum hits from Nickleus: three different hi hits, a snare and kick. Added one kick, one snare, two crash cymbals and two hi hats hits from our sample library. Kick and snare hits are layer samples execpt the intro snare drum roll whick does not used layers samples on all of the hits.

After creating a 6/4 drum (machine-like) beat, created repetitive MIDI bass track. The added a guitar rhythm track, a synth pad and sax lead by Snake Davis. Brass hits were added to the sax passage and eventually to other passages.

Next a vocal victim was needed. Search on pells between 90 and 95 to find that KCentric’s Dream of You fit well. We previously used snippets of the the pell and liked the groove. Rap with a story and a point of view yet no gratuitous vulgarity. Gotta love it!

For the spaces left , looked in our library for ElRon samples in Cm. Found more than a dozen unused tracks and tortured two into submission.

KCentric uploaded a stereo acapella track using a delayed voice that panned right. Dropped the right side stereo track. That cut out one of the callback phrases “thinking of you.” Search ccmixter for “think of you.” Kara’s Howling at the Full Moon provided the needed phrase in a relatively friendly key. Gotta love it when songwriters post their lyrics so we can find key words and phrases to frankenstein.

"Dream of You"
by texasradiofish

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