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Brazilian Mix

uploaded: Fri, Aug 22, 2014 @ 8:26 PM last modified: Sat, Aug 23, 2014 @ 12:17 AM  (add)
FeaturingCopperhead, Slap Johnson, ElRon XChile
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Funkin’ Urban Jazz Rock Fusion
Xote Xote Xote
From New York to Brazil

Genesis of the song

This is an exercise in building a song from the bottom up starting with drums adding bass then adding theme lines and improvisation.

Decided to craft a fusion song based on Copperhead’s drums from our last fusion song entitled Fuse. Discovered that Copperhead had uploaded a conga track as well for Love Ain’t Gonna Make a Sound. Imported these two tracks into FL Studio 11.

Next task was to add bass. While adding funkin’ bass, discovered that the conga track was able to carry the bass in the intro and break creating a Latin feel. Never happy to leave well enough alone, auditioned some Brazilian beats. Discovered that Xote sidestick style drums added a cool flavor to the congas and bass in the intro and break.

With bass, congas and drums in place, looked for some tenor sax. Discovered Slap Johnson has made several A minor tracks available for remix. Sliced and diced several of his tracks to create a tenor track line that became the primary theme for the song.

Piano was added to better tie the theme lines to the bass and drums.

At this point the song was taking shape with an intro and two verses using the primary tenor sax theme, and a 16 bar break. This left enough time to add four 16 bar progressions for ElRon to record and to add another horn line. An alto sax layered on top of two synths and one soundfont created a secondary theme. Used the Xote rhythm with the first alto sax line as well.

To break up the repetitiveness of the 16 bar progressions, dropped the congas on the 2nd and 3rd primary theme lines and added a synth-brass section. Tried some tambourine to replace the conga but Copperhead’s drums did not need the help. Slapping the bell on the ride cymbal created enough drive. Except for chopping off beats to fit a 16 bar section, Copperhead’s 32 bar drum track was used “as is”.

Copperhead timbales, bongos and cymbals were added for color. African voices were added to the break and first progression of ElRon’s jam for flavor.

The song is in A minor and built on a 16 bar 1-4-2-5 progression with some extra 1s and 5s added with passing notes/chords.

Attribution: Tenor sax courtesy of Slap Johnson and

"Brazilian Mix"
by texasradiofish

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Editorial pick

The production skills of Texaradiosfish shine in this polished Latin jazz fushion orchestation that kicks! It is hot!