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From Home (Snowflake Jeris HEJ31 remix!)

uploaded: Sat, Apr 4, 2015 @ 6:00 PM
FeaturingJeris, Snowflake, HEJ31
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77bpm and 4/4 time sig.

So after doing my own mix of Snowflake’s excellent Motherless Child, I started to listen to the other mixes. I knew Jeris would do something cool…

I liked most of the mixes, but Jeris’ mix appealed to me most, so much so I decided to do my own remix.

So this isn’t the same as Jeris’ mix, it’s not meant to be, I’ve spent a LOT of time reworking the timing of the vocal to make it fit really well with the rhythms of the piece. Hopefully you’ll like it this way too :)

Massive kudos to Jeris for his skill and musicanship, HEJ31 too for the cool rhythm guitars and neato noodles :)

"From Home (Snowflake Jeris HEJ31 remix!)"
by tacet

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Editorial pick

Tacet has skillfully crafted a moving, soulful remix of Snowflake singing the beautiful old spiritual “A Motherless Child”. Feel it here on ccMixter!