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uploaded: Sat, Dec 1, 2012 @ 8:21 AM last modified: Sat, Dec 1, 2012 @ 8:30 AM  (add)
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Long time no post!

The winter cold and the ccMixter festivities have brought me here. I’ve been meaning to write some kind of seasonal thing for about five years now. I often pen down ideas, then never quite get around to recording them.

So my goal here was just to get something down, it’s a little unfinished but then that’s where you guys come in! :D The instrumentation I’ve added is intended for inspiration only, but feel free to use it. I’ve also included a midi file if that’s useful.

All the pells in the archive are marked (vocal) and there’s three of them, main, effects and ending harmony.

The melody is based on the old Holst classic, the example instrumentation is a more contemporary take…..

Ok, so the song, the song has but one cunning twist. The first two verse/chorus combinations lead you to think the singer is lamenting a lost love for a person…..then at the end we find the truth :)


In this bleak Midwinter
dark and cold surround
my home so warm and glowing
in friendships lost and found

Lights are shining brightly
for all the times we know
your smile, your face reminds me
I loved you long ago

In my bleak Midwinter
frosty mornings gleam
voices echo slightly
further than they seem

Daylight fades so quickly
like all the years we know
reminds me to be thankful
I loved you long ago

In our bleak Midwinter
snow begins to fall
the marking of an ending
a year to watch them grow

The youngest eyes see clearly
with senses raised they know
Christmas I do miss you
I loved you long ago


So it’s a reflective look at Christmas and those most enjoyable former years, shame we can all just enjoy Christmas as we did as a small child…

Contents of ZIP Archive: Instrumentation

  • /Midwinter.mid (11.94KB)
  • /Piano Chords.mp3 (2.65MB)
  • /QuckDrums.mp3 (1.39MB)
  • /Splendid Bass.mp3 (2.20MB)
  • /Theme.mp3 (2.83MB)
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