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Another Fall

uploaded: Sun, Sep 4, 2011 @ 5:16 PM
bySteven M Bryant
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Used one of Admiral Bob’s tunes and wrote a new melody and Lyric to it. Really loved the music and guitar solo in this one . I know its different and I didn’t have much time for mixing but I do hope I did some justice to the music. Your song and lyric are great Bob. This is just an alternate.Dedicated to my late wife Monica. I still think of you baby and you still complete me after all these years.
Every time Fall begins I think of you
Everytime summer ends I think of you
Sometimes I hear you call
I cant take another Fall
Its the season of crying for me
Though I try to stand tall
I cant take another Fall
when the Trees start to shed their leaves
My heart starts breaking down
Now I’m the sad clown
Every year it starts and I recall
All the good times I cant take another Fall

For all these years I have shed the tears
Will it ever end

"Another Fall"
by Steven M Bryant

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