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Libertarian Girl / The Realist

uploaded: Tue, Mar 1, 2016 @ 10:22 AM last modified: Tue, Mar 1, 2016 @ 10:24 AM  (add)
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Here’s are song about idealism and realism. For every saint there’s a sinner etc. Public domain, instrumental, a capella and samples at archive.org

Preview mix, a capella and instrumental provided on ccmixter. To save bandwidth and disk space at ccmixter, you can find the complete stems elsewhere- https://archive.org/details/instrum_201603

fight for freedom
fight for fun
it’ll never be lost
but will never be won
call me a sceptic or just call me blue
with nothing to fix they’d be nothing to do

brothers and sisters around the world
locked up in a series of hells
freedom to do ain’t as much as you think
but fight tooth and nail for the power to think

bent politicians slave away night and day
finding new ways to take our freedom away
they point you to money and what it can buy
but is life worth living if you cant ask

a step up to heaven is all very well
but to move up an inch means an inch down to hell
you’re fighting the cruel and the cheats and unkind
but liberty starts in the seat of the mind

war might be cruel, the motives mislaid
but war is a place where heroes are made
you can fight with the pen or fight with the sword
but without such disasters
we’d frankly be bored

"Libertarian Girl / The Realist"
by stellarartwars

Creative Commons
CC0 (CC Zero)

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