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Our Love Is No Act

uploaded: Mon, Dec 7, 2015 @ 9:56 AM last modified: Mon, Dec 14, 2015 @ 7:43 AM  (add)
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Some musings from today.

The Britain I grew up in has changed beyond recognition. It’s not about immigration as the crap papers say but a worship of money, looks and the material world. If anything, was it not for migrants from poor countries bolstering the working class, we’d be even more than a rich man’s pig farm than we are today.

We used to have the saying “champion the underdog”. Support the little guy, the David against Goliath. That’s changed, it’s now class war against the poor, if they can stir in racism to the equation, all the better.

Feel free to turn the song into a more conventional love song if you want, the melody and chord progression is Tin Pan Alley stuff.

since the time of juliet
and tragic romeo
there’s always those who think real love
is somewhere not to go
it’s all about the money
and the lies that it can buy
family fought against itself
by those don’t know why

so why should we be perfect
does anybody care
it seems the truth is worthless
and the love it just ain’t there

our lives are real stories
and that’s a real fact
but on the stage or off it
our love is no act

since the days egypt
the scandal and intrigue
why people care what’s on TV
and in the fixed up sporting league

but writing words just ain’t enough
unless your selling out
and money buys you any print
it’s fixed without a doubt

there’s no need to be perfect
because perfect is fake
over expectations
will many hearts a break

our lives are real stories
and that’s a real fact
but on the stage or off it
our love is not an act

we’ve added two more vocalist’s takes Phil’s and Sophia’s and a full arrangement.

"Our Love Is No Act"
by stellarartwars

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