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Still (George Nobush City Limits Mix)

uploaded: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 @ 11:34 PM last modified: Fri, Nov 20, 2015 @ 11:36 AM  (del)
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This one’s dedicated to all the victims of the “mental health” industry in the UK. Myself and Katie have spent the last decade researching this including undercover and it’s not pretty.

Mental health services should be accessible, which they are not, and your chances of admission are almost zero if you want treatment, including the suicidal, yet you’ll find yourself there very quickly if you say controversial things or fall out with elements of your family with connections.

There are good psychiatrists and nurses of course, but no drugs will solve emotional and spiritual issues, prescribed medication is not much more removed from alcohol or heroin for that matter.

Health should be about people’s quality of life not profits, and that rings true with me and music as I’d generally prefer to make music I like and my fans like as opposed to what I’m told.

Being yourself isn’t mental, it’s actually normal, but we are force fed a very distorted normal.

If you’re suffering mental or physical problems, try being yourself. Thing is, of all the crazy conspiracy theories out there mind control is the most believable, and by being yourself without apology you short circuit it and any negative effects it has. :)

Please look up the work of Joseph Zaidan Peter Shepard and David DeAngelis, see MultiDimensionalMan Yahoo Group.

Another reason we chose this song is the German language. Germany is very well known for it’s fantastic music technology scene and electronic music culture. We do our shopping there!

"Still (George Nobush City Limits Mix)"
by stellarartwars

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