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uploaded: Wed, Jun 2, 2021 @ 3:06 AM
FeaturingStefan Kartenberg
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Many thanks to Stefan Kartenberg for the backing track.

This was done a few months ago. Now it’s summer and I’m fully vaxxed, I’m less bored.

I feel like I should apologize for all the swearing. I’ve always felt it to be a cheap substitute for creativity, but then that’s kinda what the song’s about, not feeling very creative. Also - I just watched Bo Burnham:Inside on Netflix and he does it quite a lot. And he’s a fuckin’ genius. BTW - I highly recommend Bo Burnham:Inside - it’s a covid masterpiece.

The words:
Ya ever been inspired to say something when ya got nothin to say
Nothin comes out, nothin sounds right, nothin representing why you feel that way

I’m bored, I’m fuckin bored, I’m bored, So fuckin bored

I’ve been watchin a lot of TV, that aint really good for me
My brain is melting, and I can’t help helping it, I’m so bored, my brain is fried

I don’t wanna write this song, I don’t wanna right this song
there’s too much to not to do, and I don’t wanna get the flu

But I’m bored, I’m so fuckin bored, I’m so bored, so very fuckin bored

Booooooooored, so fuckin bored

Springtime comin up now, winter’s almost over
You’d think I’d be excited, looking over my shoulder
But you shouldn’t be there, nothin much to see there

I’m so bored

I’m so fucking bored, I’m bored, I’m so fuckin bored, Iiiiiiiiii’m bored

I’m so bored

I’ve been so long in the house, I think I finally found that mouse
I know where he lives, I know where he hides, I know where he stinks
But I don’t know what to do about it

I’ve made some pretty good meals, I’ve made some bad
I’ve made some tasty muffins that helped me feel less sad
I’ve made some resolutions, I ain’t made no friends
I manage to get up each day, a means without an end

So fucking bored
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by Speck

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