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Numbers 2019

uploaded: Sun, Jan 5, 2020 @ 2:42 AM last modified: Sun, Jan 5, 2020 @ 2:50 AM  (add)
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Another new year, another song about the last year. Another thank you to unreal_dm for such a large and varied choice of backing tracks.

This one’s kind of unfocused. And possibly inaccurate as numbers change every day and, you know, using the internet as a source of ‘facts’.

The words:
There were 21 superhero movies in 2019
One of them grossed close to 3 billion
There were very few starving people up on the screen
while down here on the earth there were 800 million

141 million people were born
56 million died
A lot of natural causes some accidents
and 800 thousand by suicide

330 million US citizens in all
Unemployment down to 3.5
150 million jobs
A lot of which pay just enough to keep you alive

Dow Jones hit 28 thousand
Apparently that’s an all time high
Which I guess means something to the upper class
but I’m not sure how it affects what I can buy

With the next race to power beginning
there were 25 hopefuls to start
Now I think we’re down to like 17
but I don’t share their hope and can’t tell them apart

I’ve watched 107 hours of the Sam and Dean show
It helps keep my mind off the troubles
I find I fast forward through anything political
‘cause if I don’t my anxiety doubles

The numbers on my health report are mostly ‘high but normal’
except for that one that’s through the roof
I imagine they’ll want to be cutting part of me away
once their battery of tests provide them with proof

But hey it isn’t major
at least I’m pretty sure it’s benign
and everything else in my personal life
is 99 percent fine

On a lighter numbers note I now have 60 songs
with very little bloat in my ‘Speck sings’ folder
It doesn’t really take that much to keep me happy
and I’m still glad I didn’t die as I’ve gotten older

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"Numbers 2019"
by Speck

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