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One Hand Holds Moonshine's Reflection

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FeaturingJavolenus, Doxent Zsigmond, annabloom, Jeris
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Kind of an avant-jazz, future blues thing I guess.

Javolenus - guitar
Doxent Zsigmond - percussion
annabloom - bassoon, sax and percussion
Jeris - bass and string plucks

some fx’d electribe in there from me, uploaded in .zip

Contents of ZIP Archive: electribe

  • /beat 08a tribe 02 114bpm.wav (623.61KB)
  • /beat 09a tribe 02 114bpm.wav (828.35KB)
  • /beat 10a tribe 02 114bpm.wav (1.56MB)
  • /beat 10b tribe 02 114bpm.wav (819.69KB)
  • /beat 10c tribe 02 114bpm.wav (406.51KB)
  • /beat 10d tribe 02 114bpm.wav (625.24KB)
  • /beat 10e tribe 02 114bpm.wav (670.52KB)

"One Hand Holds Moonshine's Reflection"
by Speck

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