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23 toys

uploaded: Sun, Apr 29, 2012 @ 6:33 AM last modified: Sun, Apr 29, 2012 @ 6:36 AM  (add)
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zip 1 contains the individual sample recordings, zip 2 has a redrum patch and a few versions of the same sequence. The preview is one of those.

Contents of ZIP Archive: 23 toys 1

  • /14a geiger weird.wav (1.36MB)
  • /15a roll with me.wav (3.77MB)
  • /16a eeeeeee.wav (480.80KB)
  • /17a oooooo.wav (219.85KB)
  • /18a arf arf.wav (188.20KB)
  • /19a that's me.wav (297.24KB)
  • /20a ratchet dial.wav (2.79MB)
  • /21a ringy dial.wav (1.50MB)
  • /22a melody bit triplet.wav (469.78KB)
  • /23a music that is fun oh yeah.wav (1.99MB)
  • /01a hi I'm lily, let's play.wav (984.80KB)
  • /02a 1234.wav (1.28MB)
  • /03a the number 1 is on my hand.wav (917.21KB)
  • /04a the number 2 is on my heart.wav (864.80KB)
  • /05a the number three is on my tummy.wav (888.80KB)
  • /06a the number 4 is on my leg.wav (888.80KB)
  • /07a can you find my foot.wav (1.97MB)
  • /08a can you find the number 5.wav (939.00KB)
  • /09a gas pump.wav (1.81MB)
  • /10a ratchet.wav (984.80KB)
  • /11 melody bits.wav (3.68MB)
  • /12a melody bit.wav (432.80KB)
  • /13a geiger.wav (1.88MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: 23 toys 2

  • /toys rdrm patch.drp (7.10KB)
  • /toys rdrm seq 01.wav (3.76MB)
  • /toys rdrm seq 01b pulverized.wav (3.76MB)
  • /toys rdrm seq 01c pulverized, pitched.wav (3.76MB)

"23 toys"
by Speck

2012 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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