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Nouveau Fleau

uploaded: Wed, Jul 20, 2005 @ 5:15 AM
bySouthbound Cinema
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“Krakka Faktry” is fun, but it doesn’t really flaunt the talents of its participants like this one. The analog sounds are from the same recording session. Same principle: disparate elements come together, and operate on their on twisted logic (kinda like Congress). If these songs were movies, they’d be documentaries… Produced by Tony Saint and Eric Gabitzsch. Bass, guitar, flute, harmonica and analog FX by Eric Gabitzsch. Arrangement and rhythm track by Tony Saint. Samples and loops to come. (I had to delete a couple of old songs for now, but they’ll be back.) Another BIG difference between the two tracks: I used Ableton live instead of Acid this time.

"Nouveau Fleau"
by Southbound Cinema

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