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Jah Wisdom (Change)

uploaded: Sun, Jun 29, 2014 @ 7:20 PM last modified: Wed, Jul 2, 2014 @ 2:15 PM  (add)
FeaturingMichael Burnz, Jeris
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As soon as I heard Jeris’s amazing ‘Harp Hop’ I started humming along. It was begging for the brilliant words of Michael Burnz. I hope he isn’t upset that I cut him up just a bit to make it fit the BPM of Jeris’s samples (cut and re-arranged a bit too). Lots of little nudges and moves here and there. I love Mike’s lyrics!!

The bass line is integral to this track, so it sounds much better in headphones or with a nice sub (vs a laptop or small earbuds)…. ;)

Let me know if you want my vocal stems…..peace.

Jah Wisdom

We bout to come alive
We bout to energize
We waking zombies up, open them sleepy eyes
If you got the soul baby we got the vibe
To get ur heart pumping like a rollercoaster ride
It’s all peace & love my man let it go
If not , the homies can help u at the do’(door)
It’s all good we ain’t no heros
But if your man start a problem we will end it like so
And yall know how it go everytime we roll
It’s like a mad addiction you can’t say no
My ninja, check the diction and diction the flow
We got ur body moving uncontrollable

Check your hate at the door
Leave your pain on the floor

Ayo it ain’t fiction it’s real as real go
Hands up, don’t stop til the rhythm say so
Weak hearts a tremble , bad minds a run
The foolish nah understand Jah wisdom
So we have to bring it pon the bass and the drum
Cuz it ain’t where u from my man it’s how u come!

Check your hate at the door
Leave your pain on the floor

Yall know how the pressure can feel around ya neck
Hard to breathe3 like a panic attack ina ur chest
So we bless the DJS , spinning that livitay (livity )
Turn it up let it bang, it’s life in them soundwaves
It’s time to boogie down down let the sound sound
Heal every frown , reCharge and rebound
When Babylon a trippin and it’s Rippin at my core
Jah music is the Cure good medicine for the Sore
Music is more than just beats and dancefloors
It’s life in ya pores, it’s strength to endure
(when it hits) ya nah feel a pain nor a sting
So hit me with that musical thing BoOm

Check your hate at the door
Leave your pain on the floor

Hate ain’t the answer to take away your pain
Revenge like a cancer, a circle where we’re all insane
Change is the answer, so why stay the same?
Change baby change, change baby change

now everybody got things they tryna deal wit
and some got things they would rather 4gEt
i fall into the keys and the bass drum kick
cuz life is popping off and I’m tryna get Up in iT!
2morrow ain’t promised and yesterday is vintage
today is only minutes so we NAh live timid!
Holla if u get it / we can’t be bothered with limits,
turn it Up, FEeL it
Life is 4 dem that LIVe it

Check your hate at the door
Leave your pain on the floor

Hip hop ya’ll it don’t stop ya’ll
Hip hop ya’ll i just rock ya’ll

When my soul connects
To the discoteck
I’m in the zone
Like Heaven and Earth just intersect

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"Jah Wisdom (Change)"
by Snowflake

2014 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Editorial pick

“Check your hate at the door” and give this hip hop collab your attention. Inspired and backed by Jeris’ “Harp Hop” instrumental, snowflake found killer vox by Michael Burnz and added her own crazy-catchy-cool hook.

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