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As a follow-up to Go On, here is Shine — intended as a Christmas gift for our 14-year-old, known here at ccM as CasperTFG. She is an extraordinary young woman whose maturity continues to teach me and improve me. I plan to give her the song in a sort of artbook with pictures, lyrics and a CD — including any of the remixes uploaded here before Dec 24.

I love the mixes of Go On so far (very much!) and feel blessed to give a little of ccM to my family (not plastic gifts made in china!). I intentionally created cross-over lyrics/theme between the girls songs. They are so tied together, it seemed their songs should be too. Peace.


Laugh until you cry, you’re strong
You carry more inside
And as you grow you know
You’ll never be denied any dream
With everything you try you show

You shine so bright
Like a clear star on a winter’s night

Laugh until you fly beyond these walls
You can never think too high
So go on

And shine so bright
Like a clear star on a winter’s night
Shine like art ‘cause in your heart
Is where you start strong

You’re more beautiful than ever
Your kindness heals what’s severed
And all that you endeavor is yours
Yea, that’s for sure

Shine so bright
Like a full moon on a summer night
Shine like true art
‘Cause in your heart is where you start

More beautiful than ever
Your shine goes on forever
Play Shine

by Snowflake

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