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uploaded: Tue, Mar 7, 2006 @ 2:01 PM
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I was lookin through my Adobe Audition sample packs (royelty free for Audition owners) and found some beat boxin loop files. I spliced them down to individuals and made a beat box kit for FL Studio (.flp file included). If you don’t have FL Studio…you can prolly make use of the individuals (mp3 files).

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /BeatBox Kit/BassKick.mp3 (5.31KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/BassKick2.mp3 (4.49KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/Beatboxkit.flp (39.73KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/crash.mp3 (6.12KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/da_rim.mp3 (2.45KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/full_scratch.mp3 (5.71KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/full_scratch2.mp3 (7.35KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/hat.mp3 (2.86KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/hat_closed.mp3 (2.86KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/hat_closed2.mp3 (2.45KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/hat_closed3.mp3 (2.04KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/hat2.mp3 (2.45KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/hat3.mp3 (2.45KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/hat4.mp3 (2.45KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/hat5.mp3 (2.45KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/hatttt.mp3 (1.63KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/Heavy_Snare.mp3 (5.31KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/high_kick.mp3 (4.49KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/in_scratch.mp3 (3.27KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/kick_n_crash.mp3 (8.16KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/Kick2.mp3 (2.86KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/Kick3.mp3 (2.86KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/Kick4.mp3 (3.27KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/Kick5.mp3 (2.45KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/Kick6.mp3 (2.86KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/Kick7.mp3 (2.45KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/Kick8.mp3 (2.86KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/mid_scratch.mp3 (2.86KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/out_scratch.mp3 (3.67KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/rev_hat.mp3 (2.86KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/rev_hat_n_kick.mp3 (2.86KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/rev_kick.mp3 (3.27KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/rev_snare.mp3 (5.31KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/rim.mp3 (2.45KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/snare_hat.mp3 (2.86KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/Snare2.mp3 (2.45KB)
  • /BeatBox Kit/tight_snare.mp3 (2.45KB)

by shagrugge

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