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Fourstones jazz warp

uploaded: Thu, Sep 25, 2008 @ 12:54 PM
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I’ve been gone for awhile cuz I lost my hard drive…so I’m rebuilding my music library. I’ll add more packs as I piece my music life back together. It’s been quite humbling having to start over…at least this now I can get myself somewhat organized.

These are all cuts from Fourstones JON guitar track.

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /Victor_JON_rev_warp_pad12.wav (203.90KB)
  • /Victor_JON_guit_chord_hit1.wav (135.52KB)
  • /Victor_JON_guit_chord_hit2.wav (132.66KB)
  • /Victor_JON_guit_chord_hit3.wav (203.90KB)
  • /Victor_JON_guit_chord_hit4.wav (44.30KB)
  • /Victor_JON_guit_chord_hit5.wav (130.30KB)
  • /Victor_JON_guit_chord_hit6.wav (133.07KB)
  • /Victor_JON_guit_chord_hit7.wav (369.05KB)
  • /Victor_JON_guit_hit1.wav (127.27KB)
  • /Victor_JON_guit_hit1+2.wav (190.14KB)
  • /Victor_JON_guit_hit2.wav (62.67KB)
  • /Victor_JON_guit_loop1.wav (198.97KB)
  • /Victor_JON_rev_warp_pad1.wav (221.04KB)
  • /Victor_JON_rev_warp_pad2.wav (358.31KB)
  • /Victor_JON_rev_warp_pad3.wav (133.07KB)
  • /Victor_JON_rev_warp_pad4.wav (135.52KB)
  • /Victor_JON_rev_warp_pad5.wav (132.66KB)
  • /Victor_JON_rev_warp_pad6.wav (130.30KB)
  • /Victor_JON_rev_warp_pad7.wav (44.30KB)
  • /Victor_JON_rev_warp_pad8.wav (37.47KB)
  • /Victor_JON_rev_warp_pad9.wav (198.97KB)
  • /Victor_JON_rev_warp_pad10.wav (190.14KB)
  • /Victor_JON_rev_warp_pad11.wav (127.27KB)

"Fourstones jazz warp"
by shagrugge

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