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Yellow, Red & Blue

uploaded: Sat, Dec 22, 2012 @ 5:06 AM
FeaturingAlex Beroza
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Sitting just chilling when I should be sleeping, writing some lyrics for a track on Sassygal’s and my band’s (Cartoon Taxi) debut album and rather than just work them up on a bland guide sheet, I found Alex’s great track 6 feet under.
Here’s the lyrics;

Yellow, Red and Blue

If, I could,
write a song,
I’d write in colours just for you,
from my heart,
beating strong,
I’d paint in yellow, red and blue.

(just for you)

And red, is for you,
as you do,
paint in lipstick colour, new,
over blue, smiling to,
over yellow things I do.

(as I do)

The sun, in your hair,
can’t help stare,
as the yellow flashes there,
to your eyes,
without care,
take a chance on your disguise,
hypnotise, without lies,
with every colour money buys.

(Paint those lies - try for size)

Cause black,
won’t come back,
and its not, a colour that I choose,
that I use, to abuse,
between the white and grey you’ll lose.

(There’s no use)
Get painting Yellow, Red and Blue !

"Yellow, Red & Blue"
by ScOmBer

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