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100 Dollar Bills (Gimmie Some)

uploaded: Wed, Jul 21, 2010 @ 10:41 PM
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About a year ago I wrote a song about a moth.
Since then Sassy and I have been invaded by the little critters.
To remedy the situation, here’s a song about 100 dollar bills.
Hopefully these will now fly out of the pantry when I’m rustling around for the Fenugreek and Worcestershire Sauce.
Many thanks to Southbound Cinema for the groove, your check is in the mail ;-)

100 Dollar Bills (Gimmie Some)

Can’t buy yourself a wagu burger
for a hundred dollar note
your Gucci smoochy fedoruccii hoochy
won’t give you change it won’t
I said my bit to Franklin
cause he’ll leave me soon I know
a hundred paper Washingtons
all lined up in a row

Don’t you know?
Don’t you know?

Ten thousand US Pesos
in your wallet
- there you go
You bet yourself your bottom dollar
for a dollar less you know
Won’t get no understanding
from a hundred dollar note
Tell it to an auto teller
sink before you float

One hundred dollar bills
all lined up in a row
won’t get yourself a hooker
for a hundred dollars less
(you know)
Why be so plain demanding
on a hundred dollar note?
just give it to the congressman
he’ll take it for your vote

Floating down a river
with your nose all full of blow
Don’t need yourself a banker
there’s a fortune teller that I know
with a hundred paper Washingtons
all lined up in a row
Forget that spot on Oprah
and a ticket for the Midday Show

Don’t you know?
(the less you know, less you know)

It’s just a hundred dollar bill
(give me hundred dollar bills)
cause there’s some good ones
some bad ones
with stories to tell
from those hundred dollar thrills

Don’t wash them with no soap
they come all pressed and laundered
with some diamond rings and smelling salt
it’s just a hundred dollar bill.
- lying in your wallet
the moths are getting hungry here
I thought you said you want it?

Hundred dollar bills
Give me all your hundred dollar bills

(please place all bills in an unmarked brown paper bag and send them c/o ccMixter)

"100 Dollar Bills (Gimmie Some)"
by ScOmBer

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