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Got me a woman

uploaded: Thu, Jan 14, 2010 @ 4:27 PM
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Sometimes it all seems to come together.
Once I’d rearranged oldDog’s fine piece (just a little) I recorded these vocals with absolutely no idea of what was ahead or where it was ending. Just stream of consciousness with the marimba putting the image of a seaside carnival in my head.
I guess its about the feeling you get with a seaside summer romance.

Here’s the words;

Got me a Woman

I watched you ride up
high on that Ferris wheel
through the flashing of light
this warm summer night
at the edge of the pier

The carnival sounds
dance in cool summer breeze
for the time of our lives
its the end of the year.

Got me a woman to love

The laughing clowns smile
they take the best of me
though I tried once or twice
for your love to entice
way to tentatively

I bet it tastes nice
nowhere I’d rather be
than to play with the dice
carousel by the lights
glow of the sea.

Got me a woman to love
rains cotton candy
from heavens above

got me a woman to love
woman to love

My stomach it turns
its got the best of me
roller coaster my heart
to the end from the start
way too suddenly

with tickets I bought
punch out the best of me
held your hand for a while
for a kiss and a smile
felt so good to me

Cause finally,
Got me a woman to love


Got me a woman to love
got me a woman to love
woman to love
rains cotton candy
from heavens above
Got me a woman to love..

Scomber 2010 x

"Got me a woman"
by Scomber

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