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uploaded: Thu, Nov 19, 2009 @ 6:57 PM
FeaturingLostAudio & Christopher Willits
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I was speaking to a friend on the phone that I haven’t heard from for about a year while I was having lunch and he asked me if I was still doing my song-a-day thingy.
I regretfully informed him that I had blown a gasket at about the one hundred and twenty day mark.

Your a f*n idiot he replied you can’t waste a whole year, why didn’t you do 24 songs in 24 hours???

It got me thinkn….

Anyway here’s a test to see if I can work to schedule. As I write this its 47 minutes since I loaded the source into protools and started to write and record a vocal. Another few minutes mastering and mixing and, it may could be possible…

I’d like a few fellow mixters thoughts on this - need time to feed the dog, take a bog..etc (you know what I mean…)
I’d like to conceive a system where the topic is assigned to me blind in each 60 minute period. Is this possible or am I just plain mad?
Love this place.

Here’s the words, its now 51 minutes.

Giddy on Up

Been around the world
in 80 days
flippn my hat
at bad toupees

hasn’t been much
I haven’t seen
the great escape
with Steve McQueen

I’ve been flashn for gash
as the equinox nears
I’ve been puttn up the cash
like Britney Speers

I rode every lift in every Hilton
from Paris to Dakar
with pinball tilting
in a black limousine

Ive been to Manilla
for a week of chilla
met a hairy old gal
and an eighty pound gorilla
(if you know what I mean?)

Had a blind date with a busty old Swede
got road side bomb
dressed as French Lebanese.
Giddy on up
Giddy on up in the black headed scene
Giddy on up
glass of water please
Giddy on up
wipe the lipstick off
giddy on up
with a blonde headed tease

Giddy on up
Giddy on up
Giddy on up
Giddy on up

Been waiting on a Katie
from a dancing Tom Cruise
trapped in an old mothers cupboard
with a resurrected Hubbard
just playn the blues
Have you seen the news?

Got a hot blind date with Laverne and Shirley
gotta finish my shift
and then wake up early
been paying my dues.

Been washing those sheets every 24 hours
carpet burn at the top of my trousers
I’m not sure if I’m ScobbyDoo
or Austin powers

Giddy on up
like a broken machine

giddy on up
giddy on up

giddy on up
like a broken machine
giddy on up
with that lipstick obscene.

Giddy on up

Scomber 55 mins x

by ScOmBer

2009 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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