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Little Bird (pella and birdsounds)

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FeaturingWillie Wagtail and a curious Magpie
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Heres the pell for my daily offering “ Little Bird” a song about letting go of things that you have learnt to love and then being rewarded many times over.
The second file is the birds I recorded at my doorstep this morning when I was brewing the coffee. The worble in the right channel is a cheeky magpie, the twitter in the left is my favorite little bird the Willie Wagtail (AKA “Peggy Sue”)

Heres the lyrics;

I found you laying there
all broken winged
one summer morn
and if I was any harder
I’d left you out there
to that closing thunderstorm

little bird
what have you done to this
steely heart of mine?
I couldn’t leave you
had to please you
so I had to take the time

little bird
couldn’t fly away
little bird
I guess your here right now to stay

and as you grew stronger
and you started eating
and I named you peggy sue
thats when my heart got heavy
like a beat up chevy
and I knew just to do

with my heart all broken
by the song you’ve spoken
to the trees you shall return
and even though I’ll miss you
its a lesson that
a lesson I just had
a lesson I just had
to learn

little bird
can you fly away?
little bird
Now if I set you free
could you stay another day?

and then one morning
as the sun was dawning
and shining through my blinds
I heard a song right there
from my window sill
that set my soul to pine

little bird
have you returned
all feathers ruffled
in my mind?
when I drew the blinds
and I saw you there
and you sung your song
just like old times

little bird you’ve brought your family
here to meet me
your so kind
and how you’ve grown
since the last time
that you sung your song to greet me

And if you set something that you love
all free
and it comes back to smile at you
then I think you will agree
little bird
I think you know
what you have done to my old heart
and now I hear you in the gardens
and my heart unhardens
as the clouds begin to part

little bird
I see you flying in the sky so high
little bird
wheeling round the clouds so free
(so free and high)

But I know
that you won’t be here forever
I’ll take this moment in your life
and a time each morning to myself
(for me to treasure)

little bird
and I know you’ll still be mine
little bird
and I’m so glad I stopped to take the time
to mend your broken wing
and my heart in the process (type of thing)
and everytime I hear your song
in my heart
to my heart that you will sing

come back and sing
anytime you care to…
little bird

Scomber 2009
asongaday 9/365

"Little Bird (pella and birdsounds)"
by ScOmBer

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