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Bondi Blonde

uploaded: Tue, Nov 25, 2008 @ 5:39 AM
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A couple of years back they launched a new low carb beer on the market downunder called “Bondi Blonde”. Paris Hilton was extradited from LA for the product launch on Bondi Beach, Sydney. She broke a few hearts? and busted quite a few balls in the process.
The slogan was (believe it or not)
“Nothing goes down better than a Bondi Blonde”.
Who said theres no truth in advertising?
The launch had a Latino flavor and the beer is still doing wonders for my waistline. Pity about poor old Paris.
Thanks to Teodoris for the latin flavors.
Here’s the pell,
Here’s the words;

Legs right to her armpits
bumps in the right kind of places
sitting in a bar
just struming my guitar
try’n all my best Bondi faces

Theres black snake out in the bathroom
a white snake breathen the air out of here
a brown snake taking my headroom
and a pink kinda lizard who looks quite queer

(Oh… but she’s looking mighty fine…
Come a little closer to the stage darl’n
I bet she’s South American)

Now I’m think’n that she’d have a brazillian
the kind that draws you down there
then costs you a million
She couldn’t be as hollow as that Paris Hilton
such a pinball machine
that’s constantly tilt’n

(that’s it, make the lady feel at home)

And in walks Julio Iglesias
with his is possie in tow
with their plastic faces
and their diamonds too bright for their places
I kiss goodnight to Brazil
then look down to my laces
with my mind racing with its discraces
I rest my axe on the floor
head straight for the door
left my band going through their own paces
take a sip of my blonde
I’m just counting my aces

Walk ‘long the boulevard
I down another Bondi Blonde
(you got a spare smoke mate?)

Oh shit, I better get back to the band
sounds like its all breakn down
over here in Bondi land

Bondi Beach blonde
Bondi Beach (bottle) blonde
(hey there’s another!)
Then I down another Bondi Beach blonde
(hey cool your heels Pedro)
Bondi Beach blonde

"Bondi Blonde"
by ScOmBer

2008 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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