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Who broke the organ grinder?

uploaded: Thu, Jun 26, 2008 @ 10:27 PM
FeaturingAmelia June & Trifonic
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Love Amelia’s voice.
This time I dusted off the organ grinder from the garage and acted the monkey. Barrels of fun drawing all the crazy pitch bends and step recording the piano bits.
The BPM is 130 or 65 or maybe even 32.5!*&%$#@ - it certainly does sound in some places like its going so slow its about to fall over.
I tried to build tension throughout the song to match the lyrics without changing the tempO.
Maybe a bit too busy for some ears out there with effectively three solo instruments; Amelia, the incontinent organ and the smug piano.
Tell me what you think!’

"Who broke the organ grinder?"
by ScOmBer

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