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uploaded: Mon, May 7, 2012 @ 10:40 PM
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This bit of Monday nite silliness was co-mixed by my good-very pal Dora Dormouse, & is sent as a heartfelt “cheer up” to Bitterdom Moldgoob of Stately Moldgoob Manor…a somewhat precious ranter who is happiest wearing his orange galoshes whilst stomping upon everything he hears which carries about it a hint of the pop idiom. Last Dora & I heard, he was in a state of utter apoplexy, bemoaning the concept of ‘love’ as he filled his empty burlap sack with ripped-off butterfly wings… ;)

Much appreciation for the stellar
files provided by Alex Beroza, Andres Franco, Donnie Ozone, Tigoolio, Greg Baumont, & Mushroomclouds.

(note: ‘Bitterdom Moldgoob’ is not to be confused with any truly living person. Dora is real—she’s a part-time psychic & full-time handcrafted handbag designer. Stately Moldgoob Manor can still be urs for a song at Craigslist!)

by sLow_starteR

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