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You will never know

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I’ve always been surprised that no one’s taken up my Al Zheimer pella. I have a soft spot for the poem. I like the idea of personifying a discomforting concept - as in Cold Caller. The thought of losing my archive of memories and eventually my own history and personality disturbs me deeply.
I’ve remixed it with onlymeith’s Warmth, because it’s a very warm and reassuring piece which washes over you in contrast to the bleak text. The only musical addition was a couple of drone shakuhachi tracks to add to the already dream-like quality of the composition. These are available as a separate track if anyone else can use them.
Thanks onlymeith for your creativity and high production values.

Al Zheimer

he may visit you, Al Zheimer
he may come just to look
you will never know the first time

he will not break but enter

your mansion’s chambers
he may bring his greek friend


help himself to magazines
on your coffee table
old stacked newspapers

nothing you will miss
the name of that guy in the movie
with thingy

a crossword clue

because you didn’t notice the first time
he will return in your sleep
for he is

a thief

each time more brazen
for behold the day will come
when you go to the study

to look up an eight letter
word for sleeplessness
and the thesaurus will be gone.

whole sets of the world book
spirited away
to cash converters

just empty shelves

and you will never
know when it

you will never know the first time

Al Zheimer appeared in the online Australian Reader in 2005 and my first full poetry collection micromacro published by Seaview Press, Sept, 2006
ISBN 978-174-008-415-4

"You will never know"
by robwalkerpoet

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