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DarwinTunes 130BPM loops April 2015 "uncoolbob"

uploaded: Sun, Apr 12, 2015 @ 3:19 AM last modified: Sun, Apr 12, 2015 @ 3:35 AM  (add)
byUncool Bob
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The preview MP3 is made simply by sticking together some loops downloaded from the DarwinTunes music breeding game by “uncoolbob” one evening in April 2015. The loops in FLAC format are available as additional files (see the “Download (2 files)” link to the left).

Another DarwinTunes player has made several tracks like this, see
this soundcloud set and
also this one.

Come and join in the fun and add your loops to ccmixter while you are at it!

Also uploaded to soundcloud.
See "How I Did It"

Contents of ZIP Archive: loops

  • /my_darwintunes_loop_112a8344.flac (757.46KB)
  • /my_darwintunes_loop_16e66c0b.flac (983.22KB)
  • /my_darwintunes_loop_1f601e0b.flac (722.56KB)
  • /my_darwintunes_loop_3048e1da.flac (874.96KB)
  • /my_darwintunes_loop_3c3c0686.flac (790.29KB)
  • /my_darwintunes_loop_488e1fde.flac (754.63KB)
  • /my_darwintunes_loop_507e0dd3.flac (854.50KB)
  • /my_darwintunes_loop_57ef2c82.flac (756.56KB)
  • /my_darwintunes_loop_6f0e7c33.flac (851.50KB)
  • /my_darwintunes_loop_73356910.flac (812.06KB)
  • /my_darwintunes_loop_91d5b406.flac (755.28KB)
  • /my_darwintunes_loop_964c92ba.flac (813.21KB)

"DarwinTunes 130BPM loops April 2015 "uncoolbob""
by Uncool Bob

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