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MassiveClubHit (feat. Lisa DeBenedictis)

uploaded: Sat, Mar 18, 2006 @ 6:15 PM
byUncool Bob
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More evolved tunage from Lean Back Productions… I cut up lisadb’s vocals, loaded them into my program and after exactly 14 days (evenings + weekends) out came some banging loops. Most of the loops I used are downloadable here in zipped wav format (see wav_loops link on right). This time I put the loops together with GarageBand - works well!

Note: you can use the loops that do not contain Lisa’s vocals under the BY licence. In other words, I waive the non-commercial part.

Contents of ZIP Archive: wav_loops

  • /ccmixter/0070-kicks.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0070-pad.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0070-snares.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0088-acidbellz.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0088-bassline.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0088-hats.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0088-kicks.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0088-pad.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0088-shakers.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0088-snares.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0088-squarewave.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0088-vocal-ahhh.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0089-pad.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0089-vocal-dadada.wav (1.26MB)
  • /ccmixter/0089-vocal-thewemwith.wav (1.26MB)

"MassiveClubHit (feat. Lisa DeBenedictis)"
by Uncool Bob

2006 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial

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